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Oilseed Crops

What are Oilseed Crops?

"Oilseed Crops" are grown for the specific purpose of harvesting the oil that is found inside the oilseeds. 

There is a very large market for oilseed oil, and why more farmers are growing Oilseed Crops than ever before.  One of the recent markets for the oil in oilseeds is for use as a "feedstock" in the production of B100 Biodiesel which replaces diesel fuel, on a 1-for-1 basis.  B100 Biodiesel is a "renewable fuel" and does not add any "new" greenhouse gas emissions to the climate when used.  In addition, B100 Biodiesel is a "made in America" fuel, as opposed to diesel fuel - of which 65% originates from foreign countries. 

The percentage of oil as well as the total amount of oil contained within any one variety of oilseed will vary.  For example, the amount of oil contained within the small oilseeds such as wheat is approximately 1% to - 2% whereas the oil content within soybeans is about 20% and over 40% for oilseed such as canola, rapeseed and sunflowers.  

Popular oilseed crops include;


Oilseed Crops

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Clean Power Generation

Running on "green fuel" such as Biomethane, B100 Biodiesel, Synthesis Gas or natural gas, our CHP Systems are the greenest "clean power generation" systems available.

With Natural Gas at approximately $4.00/mmbtu, our Clean Power CHP Systems  generate power for about $0.04 / kWh (fuel cost).

With operations & maintenance added, that's  about 5.5 cents /kWh - or approximately 50% - 60% less than what most commercial customers are paying, on average, for their electricity.

CHP Systems
(Cogeneration and Trigeneration) Plants 
Have Very  High Efficiencies, Low Fuel Costs & Low Emissions

The CHP System below is rated at 900 kW with a 
heat rate of 4100 btu/kW & system efficiency of 92%.

The CHP System below features: (2) Natural Gas Engines @ 450 kW each 
on one skid with optional Selective Catalytic Reduction system 
which removes Nitrogen Oxides to "non-detect."



A CHP System may be the best solution for your company's economic and environmental  sustainability as we "upgrade" natural gas to clean power with our clean power generation solutions.  CHP Systems and Dispersed Generation power plants are an ideal solution for data centers, district energy systems electric utilities, electric co-ops, electrical sub-stations, energy service companies, food processing plants, hospitals, military bases and  universities among many others. 

High-efficiency CHP Systems eliminate blackouts, electric grid supply problems and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and hazardous air pollutants associated with electric power generation at central power plants.  Our emissions abatement solutions reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) to "non-detect" and can be installed and operated in most EPA non-attainment regions!



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Oilseed Crops





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